2008 Lights in Hendersonville, Tennessee


Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Boughs of Holly


The Tractor's - Boogie Woogie Santa

We have a total of four shows this year.  These shows are to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Bough's of Holly and The Tractor's Boogie Woogie Santa.   This year, we have about 38,000 lights and 96 LOR channels.  We added four small arches with four channels each and wrapped in green & red rope.  We also increased the size of the mega tree to 18 feet with the star.  The snowflakes are also new.  Also, this year we won the 'Griswald Family' award for Best Christmas Lights in our sub-division!

2007 Lights in Hendersonville, Tennessee

This was our first year in our new home in Tennessee.  It was light starting with a clean slate.  This show is sychronized to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo.  We also had a show with Run Run Rudolph.  We have about 30,000 lights on 64 LOR channels.  We also added the radio fm transmitter for our own radio station.  We also added the large 20 foot arches that each have 9 channels.  This video shows the 2008 version of this show (small updates to the original 2007 show).


2006 Lights in Orlando, Florida

This was our second year with Light-O-Rama.  Show is sychronized to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo.  We have about 20,000 lights on 48 LOR channels.


2005 Lights in Orlando, Florida

 This was our very first attempt at controlling our Christmas Lights with the computer. 

The music with the video is not sychronized to the music (just filler music). 

We have about 12,000 lights on 16 LOR channels.