Welcome to our Colorful Christmas!  We are glad you decided to stop by.  Colorful Christmas is the home of Mike, Jill, Rylee and Dylan Reisinger. 

The start of our Christmas display dates back to when Mike used to love putting the lights on his house as a child.  At the age of 8, he was hanging from ladders putting lights on the house and in the bushes at his home in Plantation, Florida.  As he got  older, he always had at least one strand of lights shinning wherever he lived, from college dorm rooms to the 'after college' apartments.

Mike was especially lucky to meet Jill who also had a love for Christmas lights.  They started with just a few strands in the apartments they lived in.  One year, they visited Jill's family in Muskogee, Oklahoma during the holiday season and Jill's parents took them to see the Garden of Lights.  It was then that they realized that they truly enjoyed all of the different colors of Christmas lights...and lots of them!

In March of 2003, they bought a new home on a nice corner lot with lots of trees in Orlando, Florida.  What a beautiful canvas for their light display.  The first year, they loaded the house and trees with a lot of colored lights.  It was beautiful!  That Christmas, they followed their normal tradition of driving around neighborhoods looking at lights on Christmas Eve.  While driving through a neighborhood in the city of Celebration, Florida, they passed a house where the lights were blinking, but they were not blinking in a repetitive pattern.  Mike rolled down his window and sure enough, they were blinking to music!  That night, Mike searched the internet for light displays and found Planet Christmas, a website dedicated to Christmas Light Displays!  Mike soon found other friends with the same crazy hobby and Colorful Christmas was born.  They slowly added more and more lights and soon started computerizing their lights.  In 2006, they started synchronizing their lights to music.

In February of 2007, Mike was transferred to Nashville, Tennessee.  They bought a home in the small town of Hendersonville.  In March of 2009, Mike was again transferred, this time, North...to Washington, DC.  And, after way too much snow during the 2009/2010 winter in DC, we loaded up the car and moved back down south.  We are now within 3.5 hours from both Mike's and Jill's families...and we are Texans.  We now are residing in Roanoke, Texas which is a small suburb of Ft. Worth.  After several years off from doing light shows, we are back in 2014.  Stop by and enjoy our Colorful Christmas!

Christmas 2008